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Japanese Fishing TV Show

Updated: May 28, 2022

Suriname -

I have been contacted to guide and fix a Japanese Fishing TV show "Monster Fish" in Suriname. With my travel company Extrakt Travel GmbH, I have been the market leader for tropical fishing expeditions in the German speaking areas. As specialists and head guides, Nira and I went to Suriname to help the TV crew with their production as well as working as the crews drone operator.

Suriname is a very special place and home to some of the biggest fresh water fish in the world. The Piraiba. The Piraiba can grow up to more than 200 Kilo and it is definetly one of the strongest fighting fresh water species.

Since many years I am travelling to Suriname to film for our Amazon Prime fishing show and every time I enjoy the wilderness and the amazing rain forest.

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